Yikes! My Car is Really Leaking

Yikes! My Car is Really Leaking

So here’s the deal, my husband has not been very pleased with me lately. He keeps asking me to make an appointment at A-1 Nashville Transmission to bring my car in because he is constantly putting sand and kitty litter down on our driveway to cover up whatever it is that is leaking from my car.

Well I did it; I finally brought my my car into A1 Nashville Transmission…and I’m glad I did because I learned a lot. It turns out that cars take many different fluids to run their various systems (I was thinking oil and windshield wiper fluids were the only ones). Anyway, the car technician at A-1 Nashville Transmission went on to explain to me that when the various fluids are not properly filled to the manufacturer’s specifications, your vehicle is at risk for being damaged and the repairs could be costly.

So what’s the best thing to do? Don’t do what I did…don’t wait. Take your car in to have a mechanic check it out the moment you discover a leak. Even better yet, keep up with your car’s recommended maintenance and a leak may not develop in the first place. The professionals at A-1 Nashville Transmission told me that chances are, if you have a leak it is one of these 5 more common ones:

  1. Oil Leak
  2. Transmission Fluid Leak
  3. Differential Fluid Leak
  4. Brake Fluid Leak
  5. Coolant Leak

Broken down, here is what each one means for your car…

Oil Leak

Like the problem my car was having, an oil leak is easy to identify because of the drip spots (usually black or brown) it will leave where you park. That said, this is not just a quick fix. First it must be determined where the leak is coming from as there are many places for oil to escape from your car’s engine. Usually one of the engine’s many seals or gaskets is where the leak is occurring.

Transmission Fluid Leak

If you notice a reddish colored leak coming from under the passenger side of your car (usually that is where it is located) then you may have a transmission leak. One of the signs your car is low on transmission fluid from having a leak is that it will either have problems shifting or will not shift at all any longer.

Differential Fluid Leak

This leak resembles a transmission leak so the best way to determine if it is or not is to notice where the leak is coming from. As said before, a transmission leak will be under the passenger cabin but a differential fluid leak will most likely be coming from the rear of the vehicle.

Brake Fluid Leak

If you notice a brown drip in your garage that feels slick when you touch it, either take your car to a mechanic ASAP or call A-1 Nashville Transmission and have them tow your car into their shop (Yes, they offer that service). A brown, slick leak is probably your brake fluid which can be extremely dangerous,as your car may either be slow to respond to stopping or will not stop at all. For safety reasons, this is not a leak you want to put off getting fixed.

Coolant Leak

As far as ignoring any leaks your car may have, you definitely do not want to ignore this one, as doing so will result in extremely expensive engine damage. Coolant fluid feels slimy and although it is usually bright green in color, it can also be pink or yellow. When your coolant fluid is low it causes your engine to overheat which is when costly damage begins to occur.

While I am no mechanic, after talking to the professionals at A-1 Nashville Transmission, I now know the importance of having my car checked out right away when a leak is present (that and it will get my hubby off my back as he pours more cat litter down on our driveway). The experts at A-1 Nashville Transmission were honest, explained everything to me in layman’s terms, and got my leak fixed for a great price.

Please call A-1 Nashville Transmission today if your own car is having a leak at 615-256-8165 or visit their website at www.A1NashvilleTransmission.com today to schedule an appintment with their trained automobile technicians. They are ASE Certified, guarantee their work/parts and will give you a free repair quote.


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