Having Trouble With Your Car’s Transmission?

Having Trouble With Your Car’s Transmission?


“It’s the transmission.” Now there’s a sentence nobody wants to hear because it isn’t exactly the cheapest thing to fix on your car. But here is where the problem lies; many transmission repair places realize that people know transmissions are a major expense to fix so they take advantage of them and charge for other unnecessary repairs also.

Locally owned and operated A-1 Nashville Transmission in Nashville, Tennessee, however, is not like other repair shops. Since 2000, they have provided their customers with quick diagnoses and economical repairs that don’t hurt your pocketbook when compared to the price of bringing your car to another transmission repair shop. It is because of their honesty, knowledge and customer service that A-1 Nashville Transmission has been around for so long.

When customers leave A-1 Nashville Transmission, they use words like these to describe their experience:

  • Trustworthy
  • Knowledgeable
  • Reliable
  • Impeccable Work
  • Attentive

Highly rated, one satisfied customer said, “They may not be a big chain, but they have better service based on my experience with them.”

Upon bringing your vehicle in to be repaired, one of A-1 Nashville Transmission’s trained technicians will ask you if you have noticed any leaks. They will also want to know how you think your car is running, like “not smoothly” for example. After that the transmission specialist will check a few things on his own to help diagnose the problem:

  • Is the transmission fluid at the correct level according to the car’s manufacturer specifications? If it is low, is it leaking?
  • Is the filter clean or clogged up? Does it need to be replaced?
  • Are all the gears working/shifting properly?

Unlike many car repairs that the average car do-it-yourselfer can manage, transmissions require a trip to a specialist. But even so, when you take your car into the shop and the technician explains his diagnoses to you, it is a good idea to be knowledgeable enough to comprehend what he is saying. If more people understood, perhaps less people would get ripped off by the other places.

That said, if you want to have your repair done by a trustworthy, locally owned business that has made transmission repairs its specialty for numerous years, call A-1 Nashville Transmission. They will get you back on the road quickly and economically. And remember, although transmissions need to be completely rebuilt at times, the best thing you can do for your car to hopefully avoid this costly repair, is keep up with regular maintenance like filter changing, etc.

Please call or visit our website today at www.a1nashvilletransmission.com to set up an appointment. Can’t get your car here? We even offer towing service.


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