Drivetrains, Torques and Synchronizers…Is This a Foreign Language?

Drivetrains, Torques and Synchronizers…Is This a Foreign Language?

Are you a person who loves learning new things? I am one of those people who constantly loves to learn about new subjects…it keeps my brain active. That said, while driving around the other day and I noticed my clutch started shifting slower. Thinking it may be the transmission, I started googling.

Drivetrain, torque and synchronizer were mentioned everywhere. I’m a smart person, but this was a little beyond my reach of knowledge, so I asked some friends of mine and they all pretty much said the same thing, “Transmissions ARE One of the Most Difficult Parts to Understand on a Car…Not to Mention Work On.”

Okay, so I need to forget about learning something new in this particular case and find a professional who knows transmissions. Knowing that word of mouth is best, I didn’t search for transmission places on Google, I just started asking around. Turns out, right here in my hometown of Nashville, Tennessee is A-1 Nashville Transmission.

A-1 Nashville Transmission has been a locally owned and operated business since 2000. That’s 15 years in the transmission industry. May I be so bold as to say no matter what business you are in, you will not be around that long unless you are reputable, honest, know your niche and are dependable?

Actually, I looked up a few comments from customers (who wouldn’t, right). Here is what I found…

  • “I will be recommending A-1 Nashville Transmission to everyone.”
  • “Their honest estimate spoke volumes. I knew they weren’t charging me for things that didn’t need to be fixed.”
  • “Everyone I encountered was honest, professional and friendly…and I am good at reading people.”
  • “I called around before going to A-1 and they were by far the cheapest. I’ll recommend them to everyone from now on.”

Okay, this quotation section could seriously go on for a few pages.; that’s how good they are!

Here’s the deal…I know transmissions are an intricate, delicate creature, one I won’t ever conquer. That said, I am going to call the A-1 Nashville Transmission specialists in Nashville, TN to look at my car. They have been around for over 15 years and they definitely know transmissions.

Hey, just a suggestion, if you are like me (book smart but not so much car smart), give A-1 Nashville Transmission a call or visit their website at and make an appointment. I guarantee if you are in the Nashville area, you will not find a more honest (or economical) company to fix your vehicle.    


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