Yikes! My Car is Really Leaking

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Yikes! My Car is Really Leaking So here’s the deal, my husband has not been very pleased with me lately. He keeps asking me to make an appointment at A-1 Nashville Transmission to bring my car in because he is constantly putting sand and kitty litter down on our driveway to cover up whatever it

Is Replacing a Filter Really That Important?

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Is Replacing a Filter Really That Important? Remember that popular 80’s board game Trivial Pursuit? Everyone had that one topic they rocked at and one topic they were pretty much clueless at (at least I did). Well today’s topic is cars and the question is this (but you don’t get a little colored pie piece


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We provide convenient affordable automotive repair. We offer free towing during regular hours, 24 hour service and after hours towing. So if you ever stranded you need to give us a call anytime. Also being with in 10 min of downtown Nashville. We are near were you need to be.

RV and Truck Repair

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We also work on bigger trucks and RV's we do it all. If you have a vehicle that needs to be looked at. Bring it to someone you can trust. We are BBB Accredited and been providing affordable service to Nashville, Tennessee for over 15 years.

Quality and affordable

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Many other places are chain owned. Here at A-1 Nashville Transmission our goal is to bring you affordable automotive repair. We know issues with cars are not planned. So we try to work with you and your budget to get you back on the road and  back on with life as soon as possible.

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